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Left: Typical installation.  This 150 Lt fridge consumes approx. 12 AH /day @ 12.5VDC and approx. 25 AH /day in the tropics using a mid sized Eutectic Hold-over system. 

Right: Cut-away depicts a single eutectic plate coupled to a remote 12v refrigeration unit. One eutectic plate is usually adequate for well insulated top opening fridge cabinets (+1C to +4C) up to 300 litre capacity.


Eutectic Plate 201.png
Eutectic instal.png

Eutectic Hold-over Refrigeration..                   

Deserving of it's reputation as the ultimate refrigeration system for long term marine and off grid use. 

This systems superior power efficiency and its ability to store thermal energy when power is abundant, usually eliminating the need for extra battery storage, makes it the choice when only the best will do! 

Available in a range of eutectic plate sizes for either 'landscape, as pictured, or portrait mounting. the eutectic system is ideal for long term use. 

Coupled to either an A480 air cooled only or an AW480 air and water cooled condensing unit,

(Pictured unit has the remote controller panel kit)

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(All manufactured in Australia, not Chinese or Italian imports!)

Call Ozefridge (61) 0358732114        or

Ozefridge Ind. P/L 4423 Murray Valley Highway, Yarroweyah 3644

ABN 47746255646                                                       ARC Au 13246

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