Installing a 12 volt refrigeration system has never been easier, a simple DIY project

Left: Typical installation.  This 150 Lt fridge consumes approx. 12 AH /day @ 12.5VDC and approx. 25 AH /day in the tropics using a mid sized Eutectic Hold-over system. 

Right: Cut-away depicts a single eutectic plate coupled to a remote 12v refrigeration unit. One eutectic plate is usually adequate for well insulated top opening fridge cabinets (+1C to +4C) up to 300 litre capacity.

Cab CA.png

THREE refrigeration system options: 

Cyclic Stainless Steel cold plate package. 

< ONE:  Cyclic Stainless Steel cold plate.
Custom made to suit individual cabinet interior shape / dimensions and coupled to either an Ozefridge A480 air cooled or AW480 air & water cooled 12 VDC condensing unit. 

Fabricated from stainless steel and copper tubing. (No aluminium tubing or aluminium cold plates used!)
With a robust stainless steel cold plate evaporator surface and only copper tubing refrigerant galleries, loss of gas  / system due to puncturing or corrosion is eliminated. 

While most suitable for freezers and odd shaped cabinets, these Cyclic systems are the least power efficient and require a constant supply of 12VDC power.  
Each of these 'one of' projects is separately costed once design and equipment requirements are known.

The refrigeration condensing unit can be located several meters away from the cabinet.


TWO:    Cyclic Forced Air..  >
The fastest cool down system and suits fridge cabinets (+2C) of up to 400 litre capacity.
(NOT suitable for deep freezer use)

Cabinet air is drawn in via perforated front, refrigerated then exits each side to circulate and rapidly cool cabinet interior and products.

Coupled to either an A480 air cooled only or an AW480 air and water cooled condensing unit, this package suits short term users requiring fast refrigeration and product cooling.


Eutectic Plate 201.png
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< THREE:    Eutectic Hold-over 

Deserving of it's reputation as the ultimate refrigeration system for long term marine and off grid use. 

This systems superior power efficiency and its ability to store thermal energy when power is abundant, usually eliminating the need for extra battery storage, makes it the choice when only the best will do! 

Available in a range of eutectic plate sizes for either 'landscape, as pictured, or portrait mounting. the eutectic system is ideal for long term use. 

Coupled to either an A480 air cooled only or an AW480 air and water cooled condensing unit,

(Pictured has optional remote controller panel kit)

See why here:   Why Eutectic?

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We recommend that every system be engineered to maintain required temperature in the situation nominated without exceeding a 50% duty cycle. 

Prior to supply we do a no cost, obligation free, 'Heat load, Run time %, and Power consumption' estimate for each project.  

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We sell direct to you.    See Australian and USA pricing here:   System Kits

Australian dispatch via TNT express to your address.  Daily dispatch also to USA / Canada addresses via UPS air express courier.


More News: Our video Zoom Room will be available from 01 Nov 2021 to assist with system selection and installation .