Adding a 12 VDC Hold-over Refrigeration System to Your cabinet has never been easier... 

                            And being eutectic it will consume far less battery power. Explained here: Why Eutectic

                                                         Below:  Various DIY package kits available and sold to you direct. 

         *Important note: Some countries including Australia, require that R134a gas is only handled by licensed trades-persons.


Popular Kit:    Model AW480 with P53-35-6 Landscape Plate .

Model AW480 iIncludes micro pump kit >

Below left: Cut-away depicting a single eutectic plate coupled to a remote refrigeration unit. One correctly sized eutectic plate is usually adequate for a properly insulated top opening fridge cabinets (+1C to +4C) up to 300 litre capacity. 

Below right: Sketch plan view of a combination fridge / freezer operating from a single AW480 unit with twin eutectic plates. 

Cab CA.png
Fridge  Freezer combi.png

Below left:  This combination fridge freezer has a third compartment providing 'coolbox storage'.  Again just one system.

Below right:  Front view of this combination top opening freezer with front opening fridge under.  Digital control maintains required fridge and separate freezer temperatures  Again one AW480 unit couple to twin eutectic plates provides adequate refrigeration.

All system packages are supplied pre-gassed and include *all materials required for the installation including pipe run, mounting screws etc and 24 page manual. (*Excluding water / glycol solution to fill eutectic tank. Readily available, cost of approx $20.00)

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