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Ozefridge Industries Pty. Ltd. is an all Australian family company that specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of a small range of eutectic refrigeration systems. Our focus is on best quality, performance and power efficiency.

Key personal:

Founder Peter Mackay entered the refrigeration industry in 1961 when truly evil refrigerants like Methyl Chloride, Sulphur and Ammonia were still used in refrigerators! Freon R12 refrigerant gas was the new kid on the block and the oldies in the industry typically didn't like it!!

Now retired but mentoring the company and focused on research, Peter is ably replaced by fully qualified Ozefridge Industries and RMIT trained son Louie. 

In true Australian family tradition, wife and mother Cora looks after admin while another son (yes, there are six!) is the company accountant and yet another son looks after field research.

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Peter Mackay

Ozefridge Founder

Cora Mackay


Louie Mackay

Production Manager

Kim Mackay


 Joan Mackay                        Media


Field Research

We may be a little biased but we proudly believe we manufacture the most thought out, powerful yet power efficient systems available.


This is why: 


Ongoing research and development that allows the latest technology to be incorporated in our products as we aim to provide reliable 12VDC refrigeration into a variety of extreme situations / conditions while doing so with the least power consumption possible. 

Until recently, Ozefridge manufactured and sold both stainless steel eutectic plate and aluminium cyclic cold plate refrigeration system packages mostly for marine use. As a result of extensive trials and especially with the introduction of our ECO2 power management benefit, we no longer offer cyclic systems that use aluminium evaporators or refrigerant tubing. We only use copper and stainless steel. Visit our web pages Why Eutectic  and Trial Data and it is easy to understand why.

The Manufacturing Process:  All carried out at our facility in Northern Victoria, Australia....  (These systems are NOT a Chinese or Italian import!))

Controller assembly..jpg


Firstly sub assemblies are produced in batches, tested  ready for unit assembly.

Here PCB's are loaded and polyurethane conformal coated before housing.


Completed controller panels are now ready for locating in the condensing unit.

Right and Below: Final assembly commences.

Systems are manufactured in component batch lots here in Victoria Australia.

When ordered the chosen refrigeration unit, eutectic plates and any options are then coupled with the required pipe run, evacuated, gas charged, and test run. Batching and quantity material purchases greatly reduces costs. 


The system is then 'pumped down to store the safe R134a refrigerant into the 

condensing unit and sealed off ready for packaging in a sturdy carton, with adequate foam and air bag protection, then to dispatch. (Below right)


After sales support:      

This is a major priority for us at Ozefridge as many of our systems are in some

of the most remote areas where parts are simply unavailable and competent

personal improbable. 


Relying on locally obtaining spare parts in remote areas simply will not happen.

We maintain a large supply of spare parts and can dispatch same day (Monday to Friday) via AusPost express to all parts of the globe. 

We match this unequalled parts stocks and availability with access to an Ozefridge technician via phone, email or zoom.  A phone call or email will have us with you for support. This process is by far the best should service be required. 


Click below to see what some of the thousands of Ozefridge owners report:

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Other Ozefridge Activities:  (OZE80 to be released for sale early 2021)    


We now specialise in DC powered systems only. Their superior

power efficiency and 'hold over ability makes the concept very attractive

to many other situations where refrigeration is needed 'off-grid'. 

We have now applied the processes and benefits of the Ozefridge Marine

12VDC eutectic systems to several other applications. 

Among the products engineered and now manufactured by Ozefridge is

this very different 12VDC front opening 80 litre Fridge Freezer (OZE 80)

Check here for more details:  OZE 80 Portable

We also also engineered and developed products for others including

truck sleeper cab eutectic air conditioners and eutectic shippers for perishable

goods including Pharmaceuticals.

Right: An OZE80 installed in a Toyota FJ Cruiser..

Fj with Oze80.png

Boat Shows & Field Days:

Right:  The Ozefridge display van is specially equipped to demonstrate our various


This visual display tells the story. Visitors to our sites are given 'hands on' access. 


We appreciate all who have taken the time to view our web site. Should there be any questions or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us. .au  or Phone (+61) 0358732114 or  0432978481  8AM to 5PM        ARC: Au 13246

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