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News from Ozefridge: 

We are constantly researching ideas and seeking ways to improve our products and our clients experiences. We appreciate user feedback and ideas as this forms the basis and direction for much of our research.

The very latest.. 

As a manufacturer of DC refrigeration systems, we and others in the industry have known for a long time that the vast majority of service issues are power supply related and not a fault of the refrigerator or refrigeration system.

This power supply failure is often difficult to convey as often the voltage on the ships voltage meter may indicate that all is well.


It is ONLY the voltage at the fridge unit and ONLY while it is running, or attempting to start, that the voltage is relevant. Voltage without any load means NOTHING. 

So, something new!

Modern technology has now provided us with a tiny sealed, digital volt meter that can read voltage at the unit where it matters! This meter will now be fitted standard to all Ozefridge systems as shown below.

Volt meter 2 fitted.png

This will allow monitoring of battery supply and will see the digits flash if the voltage goes below 11.5 VDC (Effectively flat battery or defective supply line).To be able to monitor voltage supply at a glance allows users to become familiar with their power supply and recognise any deterioration before it becomes an issue.  

The addition of this voltage monitor along with other auto resetting fail-safe  technology and spike protection, provides additional system protection.                  

Testing for voltage drop causing compressor to fail at startup may be identified by this meter but will still need to be confirmed as described at our 'Fridge Assist' page using a digital multi meter.

Past achievements:

Interaction with our product users has seen the introduction of many now standard features including: (*Unique to Ozefridge)

* Fail-safe systems which allow the system to default to run mode in the event of a control component failure.  

* Manual bypass switch which allows bypassing the automatic control system.

* ECO2 power management automatically inducing a run cycle whenever power is abundant. 

* Refrigeration condenser temperature control to avoid under condensing in hot climates, and over condensing in cold climates.

* Systems with twin two speed condenser fans automatically controlled providing quieter operation. 

* Systems with water cool assist by recycling fresh water thus eliminating electrolysis and under condensing in tropical climates. 

* Plug in components where possible to allow easy changeover if needed. Removable canopy for easy access. 

* High side gas read out. Simply press the control down button, eliminates having to connect gauges to read temperature / pressure. 

* Standard refrigeration grade brass couplings with flare connections and Schrader valves for both high and low side of the system.

* Water proof digital user programmable controller with temperature red out. (And now volt meter)

* Stainless steel enclosure with all SS metal thread and nut-cert fixings.

* Splash covers over switches. 

* Spike arrestor AKA Transient voltage clamp (or Zorb) to prevent incoming spike voltages causing harm. 

   Eutectic system therefore able to store thermal energy when power is abundant reducing battery demand. (Hold-over)

(More to come, a work in progress!)

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