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(Now available.)

Great access:         Front opening with Stainless Steel slide out Freezer and Fridge Drawers. No need for Fridge Slider or Step Ladder!

Extra Battery:        Forget it, Thermal Energy is stored when Power is Abundant. (Motor running or solar has topped up batteries). 

Thermal Energy:  The refreezing of the 5KG Eutectic Mass, stored in the upper area behind the Ozefridge logo, is Automatic.

Takeaway Fridge: Simply disconnect Anderson plug and take on-board for a days fishing or picnic without extra power required. 

Powerful Unit:      The large capacity 12volt Compressor and huge variable speed fan, ensure that the eutectic refreeze is rapid. 

Robust Build:        Roto Moulded cabinet, large carry handle, Stainless steel drawers and Fittings to resist rough outback conditions.

Protection:            All fail-safe protection is auto resetting. Digital controller / readout, compressor and fan are waterproof.

Twin pic.png
New Oz80 CA.png
Port closed.jpg

Australian made Ozefridge 80 litre Holdover Fridge & Freezer suits commercial and serious users.. 

Eutectic system usually only needs one run cycle per day with ECO2 start / run when power is abundant.


The most powerful and robust 12 volt eutectic fridge freezer available anywhere. Has a 3.5cc Compressor!


Ideal for tradies, outback travellers, fishers and users requiring reliable fridge freezer storage without killing their battery or the need for extra batteries..  In most situations one run per day is all that is required and the smarts in this machine sees it doing that work when the host vehicle is running or solar is available.

Left:  The Stainless Steel system cover is

easily removed for cleaning or service. 

Right: Neatly fitted into an FJ Cruiser

Below: The water proof digital controller is

user programmable with memory, once set

just forget!

Port open.jpg
In FJ Cruiser.png
Controller panel new 2.png

Below: This Data log indicates the OZE 80 required just Four run cycles total over a Five day period during mild conditions.

This is less than one cycle per day but expect up to two cycles per day in mid summer heat and many more door openings..

Port Chart Port MC.png


Oper view.png

Commercial 270 Litre 12VDC twin cabinet fridge / freezer:  Overall 650 W x 1025 H x 970 deep including rear units , plus wheels.


Above left: Front View.              Above centre:  Each compartment has slide out stainless steel 650mm x 530mm drawers.

Above right:   Rear View            Each compartment separately controlled and powered with a commercial 12 VDC refrigeration unit.

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