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System Estimating..     Let us help you to get it right!..

Prior to suggesting or supplying  a system, we offer an obligation free project assessment so that the package offered is the most suitable, provides the refrigeration outcomes expected in the environment nominated, and with a known power consumption.     


We load your cabinet and usage information into our 'Heat Load and Duty Estimator' to obtain data specific to your project.   

This chart and other data supplied, is then checked by our engineer and emailed back to you with our recommendations, comments and detailed quotation with estimate of FOB origin courier delivery to your address. (Star Track Australia or UPS International) 

To get started:  

The following simple process will assist in providing a satisfactory refrigeration project outcome, enabling selection of the most suitable system type and provide a power consumption estimate to enable power resupply to be addressed. 

1:  Obtain and advise project cabinet details including dimensions, wall thickness, insulation properties (if possible), inner lining material, access type, maximum environment temperature likely, number of persons to service, and if to operate as all fridge, all freezer or a *combination fridge /freezer (*advise portions)

2: Forward these details to Ozefridge for analysis. The analysis will provide estimates of cabinet capacity, hourly and daily heat load, system duty cycle (% of run time, should be less than 50%) and 24 hour power consumption.  A copy of your estimate is emailed to you for reference.

3: Discuss project details and expectations. Discuss the system type options as there are basically three recommended and each have their merits. Check for best location of evaporator in cabinet, best pipe run route and length. Establish condensing unit location particularly regards ventilation and if ‘air cooled’ only is sufficient or if ‘air with water cooling’ is needed. Any other issues specific to the project.

4: Now armed with data specific to your project, you can proceed with confidence and our support.


Below:  Sample of our Estimator and a description of it's findings.

HL Calc Aug 21.png


< In this top panel we load your cabinets specific details and the temperature of your maximum anticipated environment: (Orange)

As we load your cabinet details the estimator instantly provides the information we need to enable us to make a proper assessment and system recommendation.


<This panel calculates your cabinets capacity and hourly heat load in watts. (Multiply watts by 3.41  to read as BTU's)


Cabinet capacity is calculated in litres. (Divide litre x 28.3 to read as cubit feet if preferred.) 

<This panel calculates the % of run time for the use as either a freezer or fridge using an Ozefridge system.

We recommend that any system be engineered to maintain required temperature in the situation nominated without exceeding a 50% duty cycle. 

<This panel is most important. The amp/ hours here are the total for a 24 hour period in the your extreme conditions. 


We suggest planning for this amount of energy to be available daily although most often, especially with ECO2, the daily battery drain should be far less than this figure.

Please note, this is an estimating tool. 


The above Heat Load, Duty Cycle & Power consumption estimating spread sheet is a product of, and sole property of Ozefridge and only relates to estimates using Ozefridge Eutectic and Cyclic systems and assumes a cabinet insulation factor of R5 per 25mm thickness.


More about the System Kits

More News:             (Zoom Room video Fridge Assistance available from Nov 01 2021)

Our purpose built ZOOM Room! 

Now we can service customer enquiries world wide with video interaction. 
From here we can access and video components etc that makes assistance much easier to follow. 

As in this picture an obligation free 'Heat Load, Duty Cycle and Power Consumption' estimate is made specific to each project enquiry as an essential starting point.
A verification that system suggested is fit for purpose!

This video facility puts us virtually at your side during system selection, installation and any ongoing support. (Check our 'Fridge Assist' page.)


z IMG_1685.JPG

Research and Product Development :

Test hub 12 23.png

Research and product testing is an essential activity at Ozefridge. 
This dedicated controlled environment allows testing and digital data logging under extreme conditions. It also provides accurate performance and efficiency data between different system types while employed to provide refrigeration in identical situations. 


Important note: Some countries including Australia, require that R134a gas is only handled by licensed trades-persons. 

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