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Less power consumption using thermal energy storage in lieu of battery storage. Here's why:

  1. Whenever power supply is abundant the Ozefridge ECO2 power management trips the system’s controller into run mode starting the system, forcing it to convert and store the abundant electrical energy into the eutectic plate(s) as thermal energy for use forward. 

  2. ECO2 also operates the system at maximum compressor speed to convert the most refrigeration possible into eutectic storage while the power supply is abundant.

  3. When ECO2 takes control the eutectic mass is maintained in a frozen state within the colder half of the pre-set temperature operating range. 

  4. During normal operations the ECO2 checks constantly for the availability of abundant power. This ensures that any abundant power is always detected, used and not wasted.

  5. Whenever only battery power is available, the frozen eutectic mass will hold-over the cabinet temperature for up to a day or so. If no further opportunity to use abundant power occurs before another refreeze is required, the system automatically reverts to using the battery supply to maintain cabinet temp until abundant power re-occurs. 

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(Abundant power is when power available from solar, generator etc is otherwise not being used /stored)

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Ozefridge Sure-Thaw Controller and why it is so important..

Unless the system's control method allows the eutectic solution to freeze on each run cycle and then thaw completely during off periods, then the system can not operate correctly as a eutectic system with all the benefits such a system provides. If not operating this way, energy storage and the battery saving economies of the eutectic system (phase change) are not possible.

The Sure-Thaw control system allows the user to digitally set the compressor cut-out below the eutectic freeze point and cut-in above the eutectic thaw temperature, with a digital controller that reads the actual eutectic mass temperature.

This unique control method ensures that each on / off cycle of the refrigeration system provides proper phase change and therefore the benefits of the eutectic principle and it's exceptional economy of operation are actually delivered.

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