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Why Ozefridge:

Interaction with our product users has seen the introduction of many now standard features including: (*Unique to Ozefridge)

* Most important feature: We don't use aluminium tubing, piping or evaporator plates. Only copper & stainless steel employed.

* Soft Start MDM (Motor Driver Module) Eliminates harmful inrush current upon compressor start up.

* Fail-safe systems which allow the system to default to off mode in the event of a control component failure.  

* Manual bypass switch which allows bypassing the automatic control system.

* ECO2 power management automatically inducing a run cycle whenever power is abundant. (Programmable)

* Refrigeration condenser temperature control to avoid under condensing in hot climates, and over condensing in cold climates.

* Twin variable speed condenser fans automatically controlled providing quieter operation. 

* Systems with water cool assist by recycling fresh water thus eliminating electrolysis and under condensing in tropical climates. 

* Plug in water proof components where possible to allow easy changeover if needed. Removable canopy for easy access. 

* High side gas read out. Simply press the control down button, eliminates connecting gauges to read temperature / pressure. 

* Standard refrigeration grade brass couplings with flare connections and Schrader valves for both high and low side access of

  the system.

* Water proof digital, user programmable, controller with temperature read out. (And now volt meter)

* Stainless steel enclosure with all SS metal thread and SS nut-cert fixings. (No self tapers or rivets!)

* Splash covers over switches. 

* Spike arrestor AKA Transient voltage clamp (or Zorb) to prevent incoming spike high voltages causing harm. 

Eutectic system therefore able to store thermal energy when power is abundant reducing battery demand. (Eutectic Hold-over)

Click here to view cruisers Jamie & Liz installing their new Ozefridge System:

(More to come, a work in progress!)

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