Installing a 12 volt eutectic refrigeration system has never been easier, a simple DIY project

Left: Typical installation.  This 150 Lt fridge consumes approx. 12 AH /day and approx. 25 AH /day in the tropics.

Right: Cut-away depicts a single eutectic plate coupled to a remote 12v refrigeration unit. One eutectic plate is usually adequate for well insulated top opening fridge cabinets (+1C to +4C) up to 300 litre capacity.

Uses up to 47% less battery power.... 

See why here:   Why Eutectic?

Below:   Correctly sized systems are supplied direct as complete pre-gassed DIY kits:
AW480 P53-35-6 LS Pump kit.jpg

Above:  Package 3AW. Air & water cooled 12VDC refrigeration unit coupled to 'Landscape' P53-35-60 Eutectic plate.                     (Click on picture to expand)

Plate size is 350H x 530W x *60mm thickness overall.  *Optional 40mm. 

Right:  Package 3A.

An A480 air cooled 12VDC refrigeration unit  with 'Portrait' P53-35-60 Eutectic plate.

Plate size is 530H x 350W x *60 thickness overall. *Optional 40mm

 See all   System Kits. 

  See all   System Kits.

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We recommend that every system be engineered to maintain required temperature in the situation nominated without exceeding a 50% duty cycle. 

Prior to supply we do a no cost, obligation free, 'Heat load, Run time %, and Power consumption' estimate for each project.   


See:  System Estimating. 

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