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FRIDGE ASSIST    (All the following is based upon Refrigeration Industry Practices and Protocols)

Tips for simple problem resolution:  (Applies to most brands / types of DC compressor refrigerators / refrigeration)

Compressor fails to start or cuts out prematurely:

By far the most common problem DC refrigerators have is the 12VDC power supply, and not  the actual compressor or MDM  itself!


To explain:   All of these DC compressors have a ('black box') Motor Driver Module, (MDM) which inverts the supplied DC power into 3 phase AC power to drive the 3 phase AC compressor motor. These MDM's are of two very different types, DOL and Soft Start.


The DOL (Direct on Line) module causes a massive current inrush (can be up to 7-8 times run rate) as it tries to take the compressor from stationary to run speed virtually instantly upon start up, while the Soft Start MDM slowly starts the compressor slowly allowing it to ramp up to operating speed with ease and without any damaging inrush current..  


If the voltage drops away too much at a start attempt or when running, the MDM's low voltage cut out prevents the module driving the motor from starting or running.  

This shut down because of a poor power supply, is usually due to either a defective, or faulty battery, battery to MDM wiring, or faulty devices along that circuit like bad *spade terminal connection, switch or overload.  (*Specially - & + on the MDM)  


If unit won't start or continue to run, below is the easiest and industry recognised way to identify if voltage drop is the problem or if the MDM is faulty.. 

For assistance with refrigerant issues please contact Ozefridge or a certified Refrigeration Technician

Right: Our new dedicated ZOOM room makes interaction more personal and instructive. 

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Research and development is not left to 'guesswork at Ozefridge. All system types and components are well tested using Refrigeration industry processes and protocols.

< Left: Our test / research room is temperature controlled and equipped with devices that allows us to replicate all of the issues a system is likely to confront.  We can replicate high / low environment temp & humidity, voltage, compressor speed, cabinet loading, over / under gas charging, system contamination etc.  
Evaluation of the various system types can be accurately assessed and compared in identical sitruations.


This refurbished system build area improves output and provides a better product flow from raw materials to completed systems. 

Right: We maintain a large stock of spare parts to support our products. Parts can be dispatched daily world wide via AusPost express (Not Sunday)

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