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Twin eutectic plate systems powered by a single AW490 unit, suit a variety of Fridge / Freezer projects

Twin eutectic plates / one AW490 unit.

 Freezer / Fridge & Coolbox..     one AW490 condensing unit. 

Most popular Fridge / Freezer with
thermo- fan servicing fridge area.

Combination system with SS heat exchanger.

          This huge cabinet uses two twin plate AW490 systems.

Heading 2

  150 litre freezer using twin         eutectic plates & one AW490 

Top loaded freezer with front open fridge below. Both digitally controlled, refrigerated by one AW490 unit.

AW490 with remote control panel kit

AW490 with auto AC converter.

Thermo-fan kit provides controlled cooling to fridge area from the adjacent freezer.         
Controller panel matches main controller. 

Most Marine Refrigeration projects are unique and above are just a few variations.

Right: Louie, having completed Refrigeration Engineering at RMIT, a four year apprenticeship with Ozefridge and building thousands of DC Marine systems since, is well equipped to assist with your project. 

He will provide a 'Heat load, duty cycle and daily Power consumption' estimate as the basis for his system recommendation.

Louie will not allow a system to be shipped until he is satisfied that it is the most suitable package, specific to your project and usage. 


Call Louie on 0432 978 481 (number available in WhatsApp)     Email:    

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